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Electronic products have become very much essential in our daily lives nowadays. Computer related equipment like Keyboards, Mouse’s, Modems, Laptops, and Routers, etc. are required at our official place to run our critical official works. We need Smartphones for communication as well as relaxation purpose. We need CCTV cameras nowadays for ensuring our safety at both of our workplace and home. IBallInc develops all these products.

iBall is an Indian company which has its headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Its full name is Best IT World (India) Pvt Ltd. IBall Company was established in the year of 2001 by Sandeep Parasrampuria. It mainly imports and markets electronic products like Computer peripherals, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc. from OEMs abroad India. iBall products are very much popular and used extensively across the Globe. It has revenue of more than 160 USD.

Product Range of iBall, are as follows:-

  1.    Computer Accessories like Keyboard, Mouse, Monitors, Pc on Stick, Modem, cabinets, Speakers, SMPS, etc.
  2.    Smart Phones like Feature Phones, Andi Series, Senior Series, etc.
  3.    Networking Routers including 4G or 3G Routers, Broadband Routers, VDSL Routers, ADSL Routers, Wireless access points, GSM Routers, Network Adapters, etc.
  4.    Tablet PCs of Android-based Performance Series, Windows-based Performance Series, etc.
  5.    Security or CCTV cameras like Camera Bracket Series, HD Dome IR camera Series, HD Bullet IR Camera Series, and Smart HD PT Camera Series, etc.
  6.    Laptop models like 1360 FHD Series, Excelance-OHD Series, Aer3 Series, etc.
  7.    Other utility products like Power Banks, Pen Drives, Memory card Readers, Barcode Scanners, Tv Tuner Cards, etc.

All iBall products have the very stylish look, innovative design, and excellent features. iBall phones are waterproof and specially designed for old age people.

Like any electronic product, iBall products also collapse at several times and show plenty of errors. iBall has dedicated support team to overcome those errors. That support team is called iball Repair Services team. Our experts from iball Repair Services team provide quick and easy solutions to our users to their iBall device errors. You can call at our support helpline number at [      ] if you get any error or your iBall device. We fix all kind of mistakes like device specific errors or error due to manual damage. You can trust us completely.

You may come across following Errors in your iBall Device:-

  • iBall Keypads might get damaged by water spilling on it
  • iball Laptop Screen might show patches all over the area
  • iball Smart Phones might get hanged too often
  • iBall CCTV cameras might show hazy display pictures
  • iBall Routers might not be recognized in the computer system
  • iBall Smart Phone might perform too slow
  • iBall Pen Drives or Power banks might get damaged due to manual mistake
  • iBall laptops might start giving poor battery backup

All of these errors mentioned above can quickly be resolved by iBall Repair Service team at a single call or mail from you.

Contact us today:-

Call iBall Customer Service at our iball Support number at +1-800-712-5708 or mail us at our registered email id or ping us on our Live Chat window with your iBall problems. We will provide you the accurate solution which is fastest and affordable also. We provide 24*7 services to our users so that they can get us whenever they need us.

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