Fix iBall Error Codes and Messages

iBall is a multinational brand which started off with just one product category. But today it is remarkable for its most innovative and fastest growing in most of its products brands. The company aims at providing impressive products and outstanding support for its customers.

iball entered the tablet space in the year 2010, and till now it has been maintaining its craze. It has achieved a no one position in the Indian tablet market. With vast experience in information technology, it focuses on designing the tablet with an exciting feature which makes it dynamically unique.

With every electronic device, there is a chance of facing system issues or other related glitches that may hinder your performance. Thus, we can assume that it is quite common to come across problems with tablets. You may face various tech glitches or some error codes and messages. Our team support team is the best to choose as it guides you the right way.

Frequent Error Codes and Messages :

Error codes and messages act as an indicator or warning before a cause of severe damage to your device. Some error codes and messages are sometimes difficult to identify. To Fix iBall Error Codes and Messages, you need to detect the errors and know the cause of it. Below listed are some of the standard error codes and messages the will help you understand the reason of it.    

DRM_E_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND- The requested attribute cannot be found.

DRM_E_BINDTOPUBKEY_NOT_SET- The BindToPubKey property must be set before calling this method.

DRM_E_CANNOT_WRITEFILE_UNPROTECTED- Cannot call the WriteFile method on an unprotected input file.

DRM_E_CH_ATTR_MISSING-  Missing content header attribute.

DRM_E_CH_BAD_KEY-  Invalid key.

DRM_E_CH_CHECKSUM_MISSING-  Missing content header checksum.

DRM_E_CH_CHECKSUM_NOTSET- Checksum not set.

DRM_E_CH_HEADER_NOTSET- Header not set.

DRM_E_CH_INVALID_HEADER- Invalid content header.

DRM_E_CH_INVALID_PRIVATEKEY- Invalid private key.

DRM_E_CH_PARAM_NOT_OPTIONAL- The parameter is not optional.

Are you getting a constant prompt of Error message 0x80200056 and  Error message 0x800F0922 on your tablet?

These two are the typical error users often come across. Here are some adequate ways to fix these issues.

Error code 0x80200056– This code means that the upgrade process was interrupted because the tablet accidentally restarted or the user account was signed out. Updating the system might help you solve this problem.

Error code 0x800F0922– This occurs when there is no free space available on the system reserved partition. Use third-party software to increase the size of the System Reserved partition and solve your issue.

If still, you are static on this issue? Contact our support team for a step by step guidance. Our well-trained professionals are an expert in providing you with an appropriate solution in a matter of seconds. We are dedicated to fulfilling our customer’s requirement with care.

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